Where have all the happy cows gone? (from newspaper WORK / časopis Delo)

We have lost compassion, which is why sacrifice is taken for granted, on our part, as well as animals’.

We believe that the most important ballot paper is the one in our wallet. Where to invest our money, what products to buy and whom we support. Less importance is placed on quality than quantity.

 I have been noticing that when we grow up, we do not need that much food; above all,we need quality. We can elect an organic farmer by supporting environmental projects, such as Seasons, organic markets, societies, institutes, and suchlike. The more of us that there will be at such events, the greater the incentive for organic farmers and others.Let’s recall that everything used to be organic. My grandmother, who was eighty this year, told me about it. A lot also depends on our habits. When we used to ordera glass of wine, we forgot to ask whether it was organic. Regular wine is sprayed at least ten times - we know this because we had vineyards. Every year we spent three thousand litres of spray, although we only had eight hundred vines. Now imagine how many vineyards there are in Slovenia and what the usage is. There are no questions, only answers. Newton's Third Law, which is about action and reaction, is crucial. The most important work is the work we do on ourselves, what we eat, who we socialize with, how we breathe and what we buy.

Your last project, together with the S.U.R.F Institute, combines maize seed and cooked butter or Ghee. Is popcorn really more than five thousand years old?

That is what archaeological finds in South America show. Popcorn was not only eaten, but also used for creating necklaces and for fortune telling. We as an institute, together withS.U.R.F team, want to express more with the product;first of all, people need to establish contact with the seeds. In fact, they can also be planted and you can prepare snacks by yourself.We have searched everywhere in Slovenia for organic corn for popcorn and there is not much of it to be found. We will work with our seed bank Amaranth and Organic seed initiative. A bag of fifty seeds can be bought, not the whole bag, since grain for popcorn is in fact different from that which is used, for example, for polenta.

Were you surprised by that?

Look, we are small. We have sent I do not know how many e-mails to anyone who could help, but there was no success.

Together with a team of the Institute S.U.R.F you wrote on the product that you support the project Lucky cow. Cows that give milk all their life are then taken to be slaughtered. Only very few get shelter.

People who give shelter to cows so that they would live to their natural deaths live modestly. In fact, very modestly, we could say three times modestly. Our form of organization is the Institute for Healthy Living and we operate toward giving our profit to bona fide projects. To begin with, we will allocate one fifth of the assets of the sold product. We could not afford that before, as we have grown without European funds, loans or parental support. It was hard work and a lot of giving away of ourselves. All the money was invested in the development and it is still so. Until now, we have already given money to three people who have a cow shelter. Each cow represents necessary costs that arise from feeding it during all seasons. A farmer gets up to 500 eurosfrom the butcherfor a disused cow, which is the same amount as when purchasing it, but those who are purchased, must be maintained.

In India they say that who you drink milk from becomes your mother. Why, then, the general disinterest in cows?

We sacrifice ourselves for capitalism, we actually sacrifice everything we have for it. We therefore have no attitude towards sacrificing of animals or neighbours. We have lost compassion, which is why sacrifice is taken for granted, on our part, as well as animals’.

Ghee or cooked butter can also be used for the skin. Traditional medicine believes that it is very important, because everything goes into our blood through it, which is not unusual for those who are familiar with anthropology. What are the reactions of customers?

People are different,sometimes a look at their faces is all that is necessary to see how they accept this world.

Katerina Vidner Ferkov, http://Delo.si


ekolosko gorski brez laktoze harmonizirano brez kazeina alkimisticni popravki
trocan postavitev rocno ustvarjeno tesla pristop vsi koraki po starinsko holisticno opolnomocen stainer zavest
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