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Introduction: DušanBadovinac and his colleagues are under the wings of the Institute S.U.R.F. also creating an organization the activity of which (caterings, cookery courses, street food, etc.) is to raise awareness of the importance of healthy, non-violent, fair and balanced diet.

The Institute for Healthy Living has set itself the objective of creating a product that is healthy, useful and pleasing to the eye. Golden ghee was thus created, organic refined Slovenian butter, a forgotten ancient mystery that is even supposed to have the ability to bring back to life.

What is ghee?

Refined or cooked butter.With the process of extremely slow cooking all the carbohydrates, protein, casein, lactose, water and impurities are extracted from the butter, leaving only pure fat. In Slovenia there are three types of butter; tea butter, raw butter and butter. True butter, the one without prefixes, is only that which is in a glass or clay jar. Original packaged it is non-perishable, changes the colour and the taste over the years, and becomes toxic. A normal glass if worth 17 eurostoday,would in a hundred years be worth 400 to 500 euros, even more at anAyurvedic doctor’s. It is dosed in drops, under the tongue every day, not too much, otherwise you die. It has amazing healing ingredients; they say that the real aged ghee should, at least for a while, even revive a man who is already on his deathbed.

Why is refined butter so healthy and useful for the body?

It efficiently lubricates joints. If it is cooked the right way from the right raw materials, it turns into fatthat is the most similar to that in the body, which is why it integrates into it the fastest. The body fully exploitsit and nothing is discarded. In Ayurveda and the yogic world it is known as the best lubricant for the human body, including the digestive system from the mouth to the exit, as it lubricates and strengthens the intestinal walls and increases the digestive fire. Food is thus rapidly digested and assimilated into the blood. Ayurvedic doctors advise the use of butter for everyone, especially for growing organisms. It acts as mortar for a house; even if you have bricks, the house does not stand together. Ghee is a kind of a building block, containing a lot of butyric acid which forms the good cholesterol that heals wounds and builds up the organism and, at the same time, balances the endocrine glands. People who exclude the good cholesterol from their diet become nervous, irritable, overly emotional and similar within five to ten years.

How is it used in the kitchen? Does it suit all the dishes?

They call it culinary gold and it is often the most concealed secret of top chefs, as it broadens and deepens the flavours which are already present in the food. We use it as normal fat, it can even be fried or roasted and, of course, it can be eaten or added also raw. It is enough if we fry vegetables or the desired dish on it and season with salt, without needing other supplements. It is also often used in luxury pralines to make them heavenly smooth. Vegetarian, meaty, cereal, fish dishes, desserts or French fries – it is useful everywhere.

It is also suitable for body care.

Excellent for the skin! An old Slavic tradition, today remembered by the older women, says that when one of the villagers got pregnant, others would soon startto secretly collect cooked butter. In the end they filled a clay pitcher with it and give it to the new mother after the childbirth during blessings. She would thenanoint her belly with it so as to prevent stretch marks, consume it in order to restore her power and produce a lot of milk, and since the second day on,anoint the whole baby with it and continue doing that for the next two or three weeks so that the baby's skin was strengthened and protected.

The use of ghee is truly versatile and has a very long history.

Refined butter is known to the cultures around the world, certain Ayurvedic scriptures,containing the records of ghee, are 2000 or even 3000 years old. Some say that ghee has existed since milk and fire do, which is 5000 years. There is even an Ayurvedic book written specifically about ghee; 500 pages long! During the war, for example, ghee was priceless to the soldiers. They had it in a clay mug in the backpack. It served them aspure oil, full of energy. With itthey would oil their guns or other tools, coat also leather shoes and clothes so that they did not get soaked. They would grease their skin so that it did not crack and glazed their hair in order to maintain heat and sober thoughts. If you puta stringin it and light it, it can serve as a lamp.

How did you come up with the idea to revive an old tradition and start cooking butter?

I grew up on a farm, so production and processing of food are close to me. During my studies I saw my friend Gorancook ghee. Together we cooked a few jars for ourselves and friends. I did some research and realized that the cow brings together all the elements: energy of movement, relaxation and meditation, energyof fresh air, water, sun and live food. All of this is combined in the milk, and butter is its distillate. If prepared in a proper way, all of these elements remain. A month after we distributed the first batch of ghee, a lady came with the desire to buy more. As more people expressed the same wish, we cooked it again and again ... Then we got an offer for selling in a shop, so we started thinking more seriously about production. We had to surmount a bunch of obstacles and remained tenants for a while, since the production of food such as ghee needs a plant that is quite costly. The last five years have been really intense, we have learned a lot and grew personally. Today the kitchen and our own plant are a real salon where we create. Everything is carefully thought through, there are ceramic plates inside with symbols and a sound system. One gets the feeling of being in a fine handicraft workshop there - everything is in its place.

You put a lot of attention and love in your products, every detail is carefully thought out.

Everything we do must meet three conditions: healthy, useful and tasty. If one of them is notfulfilled, we are not satisfied. Ghee is cookedaccording to a special recipe for 48 hours. Fire represents the yang element, which means it activates and accelerates; food that is properly cooked matures over fire. The transformation of raw butter into cooked butter does not happen fast and aggressively, but very slowly. We build food on the atomic level andput it together with feeling. We also pay attention to the packaging;the paper and colour are ecological, and the string with which the leaflet is suspended is made from hemp. The glass of jars is informed, which means that with the help of vibrations we leave a positive energy footprint. Each pot of butter is treated with sound during cooking, the shell, gongs and Himalayan bowls. Each cow image on the cover has a collar with a special water crystal or symbols which further enhance the vibration. Being a food manufacturer is responsible work;the opportunity to feed people is a huge virtue. Too few people are aware that if everything is done properly, then the product itself is so charged with energy that it attracts buyers. Many products are given away free of charge, as we keep to the principle of giving back.

Also to Happy Cows?

That is correct, when a certain labelled product is sold,one-fifth of the profit goes to the Lucky cow project. With the help of the project wefinancially support farms and people who buy disused cows (which otherwise go to slaughter) and offer them a new, better life. Many of them can feel that and even start producing milk again!


ekolosko gorski brez laktoze harmonizirano brez kazeina alkimisticni popravki
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