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The Institute for Healthy Living appeared in Bela krajina, Slovenia, Europe.

First there were two, now there are eight, but more are to come –They say they arecreating culinary gold – Refined butter Golden Ghee according to the recipes of great-grandmothers –They are creating their own asylum for disused cows,while supporting the existing one - Young entrepreneurs with uniqueness and positive energy defy the economic downturn without any help from the state.


The Institute for Healthy Living resides in JugornadMetliko. At first there were two, with the capital of 100 euros. Their primary product is the Golden Ghee - cooked or refined butter, also called culinary gold, as it is indispensable in the traditional cuisines of the world. Records of it date several thousand years back, and its versatility and the many beneficial effects were knownto our great-grandmothers. And here begins the story of the Institute for Healthy Living.

Why Institute?

"We could be L.l.p, SP, Ltd., but we are an institute because it sounds more integral and there is a people friendly connotation behind it, which is how we act," answered one of the founders. "We started with one hundred euros, more as a hobby and out of enthusiasm over butter, but we have proliferated, which required a lot of dedication and hard work. We do not have godfathers, uncles, aunts who would support and guide us financially, we do, however, have a lot of good energy, determination, diligence, plans and visions." We are publicly open for donations in support.

How long have you been operating?

‘It was four years last October since our products have been on the shelves, while before that we cooked it for ourselves and the wider circle of friends. Our products are available in 100 stores in Slovenia, we are present in all major cities, and are also preparing for marketing abroad. We know that healthy food in Europe is becoming more and more appreciated.’

What is your primary product?

‘We named it Golden Ghee and it is made from fresh milk of free grazing cows who, even in winter, live a natural life according the ECO and BIO high regulatory standards. Carbohydrates, protein and waterare extracted through cooking and raw butterthus becomes oil with a unique taste and aroma. Its exceptional usability is an ideal alternative to many oils and fats, as it contains good fatty acids and is free of lactose and casein.’

‘It has a higher smoke point than many oils,’ added the other of the founders. ‘It is excellent for baking and frying of all kinds of dishes, while at the same time it deepens and enriches the taste of prepared meals. It is an ideal supplement to side dishes such as Slovenian pasta tatters, rice, mashed potatoes, gravies, pasta and the like, wonderful for roasting spices, or to be spread on bread either alone or with jam, and we made our own spread from it. It is used in the preparation of excellent desserts, pancakes, pralines, bread and other products made from dough.’

What about marketing?

‘As far as market laws are concerned, we operate the same as an L.L.C.We pay taxes, levies, everything that is necessary and that the state wants.’

And then others: ‘We are a non-profit organization. Earnings remain at the Institute to be used for eco-development,a lot of it also goes to charity projects. ‘We are aware that feeding people is an honourable task!’

Why exactly Golden Ghee?

‘The oldest science in Ayurveda medicine is based precisely on this butter from grazing animals. Cows live outside, in nature; they have freedom, water, and sun, enjoy live food, move a lot of and chew in peace. Cowscombine all this in their milk, and Golden Ghee is the distillate of it. Ghee contains all that wholesome story of nature, which is why we sometimes call it the essence of nature.’ Says the first one, while the second one adds:

‘According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the essence of nature is life energy. As far as food goes, that applies to purified, cooked butter or Ghee. When added to any food,it refreshes and enriches it, so that it is tastier. Golden Ghee is a natural preservative, which is why we have also made spreads with truffles, sesame, wild garlic, garlic and parsley, a nourishing cream, and others that are yet to come.’

The two of you started alone, how many of you are there now?

‘There is quite a few of us now and we are open to supporting members. In today's country it is difficult to employ people full-time. Currently there are 5 of us that are employed, while others come to our aid by arrangement and largely voluntary; essentiallywe are an interesting combination and there are eight of us already on the team. The locals, many Slovenians, as well as a heap of journalists are very supportive.’

We have heard that you are also preparing an asylum for disused cows?

‘Yes, this is our vision; to eventually use the surplus to redeem the dairy cows that have been capitalistically worn out and are meant for slaughter, and to create a kind of asylum. Animals immediately sense energy and that something has changed, so it may happen that they start giving milk again or at least more of it. We will make an asylum where people can come to see and feed cows, we will make garden plots so that the place will be friendly for families, individuals, and children. Through this we would also like to set an example of how to elevate a brand, a recipe, be in harmony with nature, the flora and fauna, and to create something more, a higher purpose.’

KarmenPust, Tone Fornezzi (‘Sunday newspaper’)


ekolosko gorski brez laktoze harmonizirano brez kazeina alkimisticni popravki
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